Darko Vujasinovic is an English Teacher who collects Valuable Aircraft

Darko Vujasinovic from Prijedor, who is an English teacher at the High medical school, fell in love with modeling ten years ago and that has been his hobby ever since.

He collected dozens of valuable RC airplanes, helicopters, and microcropters, and he started recording music videos, concerts, and beautiful scenery after drones appeared.

Darko Vujasinovic has been a fan of planes and helicopters ever since his childhood, and when he was 33 years old, he started producing aircraft and helicopters that are operated by remote control.

After them, he made a microcropter, and while working as a translator in the EUFOR and traveling to Belgium, he saw some technical model makers and factory of small boats on an old abandoned station in Germany. The owner of those small boats showed him a few of his models, that he exported to Japan, and thus Darko started thinking about modeling as a hobby.

He added that he has a small helicopter of 26 cubic meters in his collection, and the range of the rotor is 1.70 meters. He noted that it is much harder to drive helicopters than airplanes.

“I was the first one in BiH who started with recordings from the air and I made myself a part-time job from that. As a result, I traveled much around the world. I was in Rwanda, Turkey, Asia, and I cooperate with larger agencies in Sarajevo as well. I was recording videos for famous singers like Hari, Dino Merlin, Crvena Jabuka and many others. I am alone in Prijedor, but I enjoy spending time with other modelers when they come in Prijedor, or when I am traveling to other places and that is a really great aspect of modeling,” said Vujasinovic.

Uros Sostaric from Kranj, leader of the group of modelers from Slovenia, who are members of the club “Aerozaprega”, said that they were in Livno before Prijedor, and they came with more than fifteen models, mostly little boats, three helicopters and several smaller models.

“We are planning to gather and show the craft to our colleagues in Prijedor. We created some of the models, some of them we bought, and then we installed electronics by ourselves. Prices of models are somewhere around 1,000 EUR, and even more,” said Sostaric.

(Source: fokus.ba)

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