Czech Divers removed two Air Bombs from the Drina in Visegrad

Teams of Czech divers, in cooperation with the Civil Protection Administrations of the Republika Srpska (RS) and the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina (FBiH), and the Ministry of the Internal Affairs of the Czech Republic, removed two air bombs from the Second World War from the Drina River in Visegrad.

The representative of the Czech Embassy in BiH, Scepan Santrucek, explained to reporters that BiH is one of the priority countries for the development cooperation of the Czech Republic.

“Training and instruction for diving units of the Republic Administration of Civil Protection and the Federal Administration of Civil Protection are being held in Visegrad, and the goal of the training is demining underwater,” told Santrucek.

He pointed out that this is a large project of development cooperation and that one of the programs is the cooperation of police and diving units of the Czech Republic, as well as Civil Protection Administrations of RS and the FBiH.

“We have been cooperating for 10 years and I hope that we will continue with that cooperation. We worked on projects on the border with Croatia on the Una and Sava, and now we are here on the Drina on the border with Serbia,” said Shantrucek.

The head of the Czech Police Department for special diving works, Peter Micek, stated that the mission in Visegrad was training for searches under the water surface.

“We inspected three locations and searched for unexploded ordnance. The main goal was to find, locate, and retrieve two airbombs. We successfully completed the task, we found bombs and small ammunition. We immediately removed and destroyed one bomb and the other one was taken out and destroyed during the day, ” Micek noted.

Idriz Brkovic, the representative of the Ministry of Security of BiH, emphasized that the project of demining watercourses in BiH, besides the humanitarian character, also has a security one because they are trying to include in the plan the sites visited by a large number of citizens.

“This project will be supported in the following period in the vicinity of Jajce, Bihac, Prijedor, and Brod,” announced Brkovic, Klix.ba writes.


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