Custody proposed for Director of Health Institute of Republika Srpska

The Republic Public Prosecutor’s Office has requested custody for all four arrested for millions of embezzlements in the “corona contracts” affair.

The Republic Public Prosecutor has proposed custody for Slavko Bojic, Sasa Markovic, Dragan Dubravac and Branislav Zeljkovic, who are suspected of abuse of official position or authority and illegal actions in public procurement procedures conducted by the Institute of Public Health of Republika Srpska, said a spokeswoman for the Republic Public Prosecutor’s Office Dragica Tojagic.

Tojagic stated that custody for Bojic, Markovic and Dubravac was proposed for fear of destroying, concealing and altering evidence, obstructing criminal proceedings by influencing witnesses, accomplices or concealers because of the gravity of the crime, the manner in which it was committed or its consequences. their release would result in a real threat to public order.

“Apart from these, there are circumstances for Zeljkovic that indicate the danger of fleeing and the fear that he could repeat the crime. For Zeljkovic, a measure of detention is requested for all the reasons for detention provided by the Criminal Procedure Code, and for Bojic, Markovic and Dubravac for two reasons for detention, “Tojagic explained.

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