CS Police Administration purchased 51 New Vehicles worth 3 Million BAM

On Thursday in the sector for Police Support, the presentation of new motor vehicles for the needs of the Police Administration of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Sarajevo Canton took place.

Earlier, the Government and the Sarajevo Canton Assembly allocated 3 million BAM for the purchase of 51 motor vehicles. Police Commissioner of Police Administration Mevludin Halilovic said that this acquisition rounded up the project of purchasing new vehicles.

“As it is known, last year, we undertook the purchase of passenger motor vehicles for the needs of the police administration, and we have the second part of the project this year, 51 vehicles worth three million BAM. New vehicles will help in the conduct of regular jobs and tasks that are in front of the Police Administration in the upcoming period, “Halilovic said.

Prime Minister of Sarajevo Canton Adem Zolj expressed his satisfaction with the cooperation of the Sarajevo Cantonal Assembly and Government and stressed that he will continue to assist similar projects aimed at combating crime.

“It is our wish and it is in our competence to carry out the material and technical supply of our Ministry of Internal Affairs of CS and the Police Administration,” Zolj concluded.



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