Croatia ready to offer experts for Notre Dame cathedral reconstruction

Croatian Prime Minister Andrej Plenkovic said on Thursday Croatia is ready to offer the help of Croatian experts in the reconstruction of the Notre Dame Cathedral.

Croatia sends a strong message of friendship and solidarity to France by offering to provide the experience of Croatian restorers and conservators in the reconstruction of the cathedral, Plenkovic said at a session of the Croatian government.

He announced that if the French authorities would be interested, Croatia would offer the expertise of experts who have experiences in the reconstruction of church facilities that had been damaged in the 1990s.

“Then Croatian restorers and conservators gained invaluable experience in reconstruction,” the prime minister said.
The Croatian conservationists and restorers themselves are also interested in the restoration of the cathedral, and they have been working in Croatia for the past 20 years on the restoration of many churches and historic buildings throughout the country, Xinhua reports.

(Photo: Washington Post)

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