Cradle of Central Bosnian Schist Highlands rich in rare Crystals


Looking through history, Kreševo area was always rich in various minerals, mineral sites and hardworking people. The exploitation of these minerals which were used for trade was done already back in the time of the Dubrovnik Republic.

The Native Association Kreševski citrin has been existing for 15 years, made of expert members and amateurs engaged in research, study and protection of crystals and minerals. According to Dalibor Sičanica from the Kreševo Municipality, they are the most familiar with this locality in the Central Bosnian schist highlands – the area from Tarčin to Jajce, rich in ores and once called the Bosnian Ore Mountains.

Citrin is a very active association which launched several important actions, significant for B&H and known around the world. First of those is certainly the Fair of Minerals, Rocks, Fossils and Gemstones which has been organized for 12 years now and which attracts 2,000 visitors and 60 exhibitors from eight countries every year. There is also the Geocamp, designed as socializing in nature, where children and young people sleep in tents and explore the area of Kreševo.

Precisely such events are reason why each child knows the basis of geology and owns its own small collection of crystals. Citrin can also boast with a rich collection which the association keeps at its premises in the old part of Kreševo. Their doors are always open for all those interested in seeing the richness of B&H nature.

“Crystals that can be found in Kreševo include quartz, rock crystal, smokey quartz, citrine, calcite, pyrite, chalcopyrite, azorit, malachite, covellite, cinnabar, barite, goethite and many others,” Sičanica said.


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