Court of Bosnia-Herzegovina issued Decision in Case of Danilo Cicovic and Miroslav Pajic


On 30 December 2019, the Court of Bosnia and Herzegovina issued a decision in the case of Danilo Cicović et al. terminating the custody of the accused Danilo Cicović and Miroslav Pajić, and ordering that the accused be released upon surrendering to the Court of BiH all valid travel documents issued to their name which they dispose of or have under their control, or a certificate that they do not possess any such documents.

At the same time, the following prohibitive measures were imposed on the accused Danilo Cicović and Miroslav Pajić: ban on leaving place of residence, mandatory reporting to the relevant authority, and the travel ban.

The prohibitive measures will last for as long as necessary, but not longer than the moment of committing the accused to serve their possible sentences of imprisonment or pending a different decision by the Court. Control of necessity of further duration of prohibitive measures will be carried out on a bi-monthly basis. The accused may be ordered back into custody if they breach the obligations set forth in the imposed prohibitive measures.


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