The Court of BiH requests additional Explanations in the Trial of Radončić

radoncicThe trial of Fahrudin Radončić, Bakir Dautbašić, Bilsena Šahman and Zijad Hadžijahić continued today before the Court of BiH and the witness was Adnan Bešlić, employee of the Federal Police Administration, who is a forensic expert in confiscated mobile phones, tablets, USB flash drives and SIM cards.

The defense raised an objection at the very beginning of the testimony, claiming that Bešlić is not on the list of experts.

Prior to the beginning of Bešlić’s testimony, the judge Hasija Mašović warned the prosecution that they will need additional responses to objections raised by the defense regarding the legitimacy of evidence in terms of the order for expert analysis of the mobile phones of Radončić.

Fahrudin Radončić also said that it is clear that such an order was not issued by the Court of BiH, but by a lower-ranked officer of SIPA.

At the request of the prosecutor Božo Mihajlović, Bešlić read a series of SMS messages, trying to prove the offenses that the defendants are being charged with, but defense raised several objections and commented how the prosecutor has a vivid imagination, because at a certain moment he started assuming what each message means.

With these messages, the prosecutor wanted to prove the structure of personality and the existence of communication between Dautbašić and Radončić.

A message sent by Bakir Izetbegović to Fahrudin Radončić on January 12 was also read in court. It said: “We have appointed the ambassador in Slovenia”.

Next hearing will be held on December 14 and Bešlić will continue presenting the results of his expert analysis, when evidence in the form of Viber communication between the defendants and other people whom they communicated with will be presented as evidence of the prosecution.

(Source: nap.ba)

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