Court of BiH abolishes all restrictive Measures for Naser Orić

NETHERLANDS-WARCRIMES-BOSNIA-SREBRENICA-ORICThe Court of BiH abolished all restrictive measures that were imposed to the war commandant of Srebrenica Naser Orić last year, confirmed his attorney Lejla Čović.

Decision on the abolition of restrictive measures was reached on July 28.

By the decision of the Court of BiH, Orić’s movement was restricted to the Sarajevo Canton and Zenica-Doboj Canton, and then to the FBiH. His travel documents were temporarily seized. Moreover, the measures foresaw obligatory reporting to the pertinent police authorities once a month.

Orić was arrested on June 10 last year when entering Switzerland on a warrant issued by Serbia, where he was attending the marking of the 20th anniversary of the genocide in Srebrenica. He was designated an extradition custody for the period of 14 days. On June 22, Serbia requested the extradition of Orić due to alleged crimes he committed in the village Zalazje near Srebrenica.

Bosnia and Herzegovina also requested his extradition through relevant bodies, after which the authorities of the Swiss Confederation decided to extradite Orić to BiH. Orić was transported to Sarajevo on a military plane, and then detained in the Prosecutor’s Office of BiH.

In the indictment that the Court of BiH confirmed on September 10, it is stated that Orić and Sabahudin Muhić murdered three prisoners of Serb nationality in 1992 in the villages Zalazje, Lolići and Kunjerac.

Naser Orić pleaded not guilty. The Hague Tribunal acquitted him of accusations for crimes in Srebrenica in 2008. His defense requested from The Hague Tribunal to order to the Court of BiH to terminate the procedure for war crimes in Srebrenica against their defendant, given that he was already tried for those crimes.

The trial in this case began in late January this year.

(Source: klix.ba/photo: globalx.ba)

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