Council of Ministers of BiH asked for International Assistance for Protection and Rescue

The Council of Ministers of Bosnia and Herzegovina passed a decision on Wednesday asking for international assistance for protection and rescue.

In previous bilateral contacts, the BiH Ministry of Foreign Affairs requested the assistance of partner countries in the form of donation of vaccines against Covid 19, to which Greece and Denmark responded.

Denmark offered 250,000 doses of the AstraZeneca vaccine and Greece 120,000 doses of the same vaccine.

In order to enable easier and faster transport of donated vaccines, the Ministry of Security of Bosnia and Herzegovina has activated the EU Civil Protection Mechanism, through the Emergency Response Coordination Center – ERCC of the European Commission.

In addition, the BiH Ministry of Security sent a request for assistance to the NATO EADRCC.

Given that this is a request for international assistance, all vaccines offered to Bosnia and Herzegovina will be in the form of a donation.

The EU Civil Protection Mechanism is designed so that assistance can be delivered as soon as possible, but the speed of delivery depends on the country providing assistance as well as timely preparation of documentation accompanying vaccines from the country that provides the vaccines.

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