Council of Europe General Secretary Welcomes Progress in Implementing Sejdić-Finci Ruling

JaglandI welcome the progress that was achieved yesterday by political leaders in B&H regarding the implementation of the case at the European Court for Human Rights in ‘’Sejdić-Finci’’ in order to ensure the rights of all citizens of B&H, with the right to be elected, to run for Presidency of B&H and the B&H House of Peoples. Leaders have pledged to finalize the modalities of election, which will meet the legitimate concerns of the constituent peoples and others, and which will meet international standards by 10 October 2013.

I appreciate the very close consultations on this issue during the entire process, which is reflected in the fact that the representatives of the Council of Europe participated in yesterday’s meeting.

I am fully aware that compliance with the Sejdić –Finci case raises some very complex and sensitive issues. There are genuine and legitimate concerns, which must also be taken into account. However, the only way to do that is to move forward, instead of staying in the past. Citizens of B&H have to have the possibility to protect their interests, and to ensure the welfare and lives of one another, and not be against one another. The implementation of the ‘Sejdić –Finci’ case will probably not solve all the problems or bring a magic solution, but that would definitely be the most important step towards a truly European, modern, democratic and functioning B&H. There is no doubt that this would eventually happen.

However, any additional delay would be very expensive for B&H.

I expect B&H political leaders to justify their accountability to B&H citizens, and that they will resolve outstanding issues by the deadline, on 10 October.

(Source: Official Statement of General Secretary of Council of Europe Thorbjorn Jagland)






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