Contracts worth 6.5. Million BAM for Construction of Housing Units signed

For the purpose of realization of the projects Regional Housing Program and Project CEB II “Closing of collective centers and alternative accommodation through public housing solutions”, 13 contracts worth 6.5 million BAM were signed today.

The contracts with the contractor and the supervisory body were signed by the Minister of Human Rights and Refugees of Bosnia and Herzegovina Igor Lucic, the Federal Minister for Displaced Persons and Refugees Edin Ramic and the Director of the BiH Return Fund Bojan Ninkovic.

Out of 13 contracts, seven of them refer to the execution of construction works, and six to supervision.

“These agreements are being implemented within the framework of two projects” Regional Housing Program, which will solve 3,200 housing units by 2022, “and CEB II is a program for closing collective centers and alternative accommodation,” said Minister Lucic.

By 2022, he added, it is planned to close 121 collective centers. Lucic says that all units built within the social housing project remain permanently owned by municipalities and cities. He also reminded that the Ministry of Human Rights and Refugees plans certain funds in the budget every year, around one million BAM, for housing Roma people.

Minister Ramic said that three buildings of the CEB2 program are being built within the project. Of these, 25 are in Gorazde, 14 in Foca / Ustikolina, and 33 are in Ilidza.

The rest relates to the regional housing program. “The value of the contract signed today is 6.5 million , of which about 50,000 BAM is intended for supervision, and the rest for the execution of works,” said Ramic. He mentioned that within the Regional Housing Program, individual housing facilities are working in Čapljina, Zenica, Kiseljak, Travnik Kresevo, Ilijas. He expressed hope that the contractors will submit the necessary boundaries in the next 15 days, followed by the introduction of the contractor, and he expects that the construction works will be completed on time.

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