Content of Letters sent by Slobodan Praljak to his Family was published

The motive for the suicide of the retired general and convicted war criminal, Slobodan Praljak, is obvious and visible from the two letters that United Nations (UN) investigators have recently delivered to his wife through diplomatic channels.

“Both letters were written on Monday, November 27th, two days before the announcement of the legally-binding judgement for the case Herceg-Bosna. Poorly, clear, without pathetic or any kind of irrationality, “ reported Nova TV, which announced the content of the letter with the consent of Praljak’s wife Kaca.

“I made this decision a long time ago… The decision to end my life in case I was found guilty, I have made a long time ago – calmly, thoughtfuly, self-consciously,” Praljak wrote in the first letter, intended for his family.

In the second letter, he addressed to his wife.

“Kaca, I think you will have to reveal a letter to the family, in order to prevent endless chattering, lies, poor psychology, etc.,” general Praljak told her.

“He knew what he was doing from the beginning until the end. Nothing that general Praljak did, was influenced by current emotions and current feeling, but everything, from defense and his own life, was done very precisely, decisively and calmly, “ Praljak’s lawyer Nika Pinter was convinced.

The UN investigation showed that there was no omission of court guards, or procedure violations at the entrance of the defendants to tribunal, and Praljak’s lawyer said that it was not possible to determine how the poison had come in the hands of general Praljak.


(Source: radiosarajevo.ba/Photo: anadolija)

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