Containers for donated Clothes are always full throughout BiH

Four years have passed since the first container for clothes and footwear was set up in front of the High School in Hadzici. Since then, they were set up all around the Canton of Sarajevo, Brcko, Canton Tuzla and Banja Luka.

In cooperation with municipalities, containers were set up by associations within their humanitarian-ecological activities of collecting used clothes and footwear that are donated to people in need. After the school in Hadzici, the Association of Citizens “Adra” set up containers in the settlements of Hrasno and Grbavica in Sarajevo. Five months ago, Banja Luka got its containers as well.

“We currently have five containers, and we are waiting for the approval for another 10. The response of citizens is great and they demand that containers are placed at all locations, but we are not able to place them everywhere,” as said from the Association “Mozaik prijateljstva”.

Besides clothing, the Association “Mozaik prijateljstva” is also giving textbooks and school supplies, new-year gifts, winter clothing, and furniture.

Citizens usually leave clothes for men, women, and children, and clothes are usually clean, well-preserved, and ironed, which says a lot about their respect for people in need. They also leave footwear in smaller quantities.

Public Utility Company Brcko placed containers in Brcko at the end of 2014. Collected items are given to associations and organizations that are engaged in supporting and assisting families in need. These activities received an excellent response from citizens. By the beginning of this year, almost 15 tons of clothing, footwear, and other textiles were collected.

“It is important that the people who donate these things put clean, neat and ironed clothes, footwear, and other textiles in these containers,” as said from the Public Utility Company Brcko.

Organization IFS-EMMAUS has set up containers in Tuzla, Gracanica, Zivinice, and Srebrenica. A large part of this stuff is donated to users at the Reception Center Duje.

(Source: M. N./Klix.ba)


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