Constructions from Jajce built into the most beautiful Buildings in Europe

February 14, 2018 4:15 PM

The metal constructions made by the company “Metaling” in Jajce were built into some of the most beautiful buildings in Europe.

They became part of the Bordou stadium in France, the Intesa Sanpaolo Bank headquarter, the Olympic Bridge and the Torino railway station in Italy, the Museum in Lyon, the new Airbus plant in Paris, and the office building in Milan.

These jobs were made in a consortium with European firms.

“In Europe, 60 people are working for us, and now we will increase that number for another 25 because we have a project in Denmark. We are building a big bridge in Copenhagen. Apart from that, we have been doing works in Copenhagen for six years, because we have worked on the constructions for the metro, where 27.000 tonnes of iron were installed, “ reveals the owner of the company “Metaling” Pile Dujic.

Soon new works in Switzerland and Slovenia will follow, where they will work on production facilities.

Apart from that, Dujic spent 25 years in Italy, after which he returned to Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) and started a private business in Jajce. The company “Metaling” was founded in 2006 in the plant of former “Elektrobosna.”

More than a decade it has been constantly invested in new production and today, “Metaling” employs on average between 80 to 90 employees. For three years Dujic lives with his family in Jajce, and says it is possible to do business here.

“We spent 25 years in Italy and definitely returned to Jajce 2014. In BiH you can work, especially if you are producing here and then exporting. Any company that operates in BiH and exports, can achieve positive business, “ says Dujic for Avaz.

While he was in Italy, but also in recent years, he had constantly invested in production facilities in Jajce.

“In the period from 2016 to 2017, we built a new plant on 6.500 square meters. There is also a technology and project bureau that follows us from the basic idea to the end of the project. We also own our companies that follow us in Italy, Germany, Denmark and Croatia. These are our companies that are working on montage of the metal constructions made in BiH, “ said Dujic.

Two closed halls

“Metaling” is involved in the production and installation of steel structures. For these jobs in BiH, 90 skilled workers are at the most sophisticated equipment. They have two closed halls on 11.000 square meters at the surface are of 26.000 square meters, and equipment for production and installation.




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