Construction of the Road Sarajevo – Belgrade to change the History of BiH

Minister of Communications and Transport of BiH Ismir Jusko held a final meeting with representatives of Turkish delegation, led by Turkish ambassador to BiH, Haldun Koc and Deputy General Director of the Directorate for Highways of the Republic of Turkey, Mehmet Tutas. The main topic of the meeting was the construction of the future Sarajevo-Belgrade highway, and all information collected in the past couple of days of their stay in BiH were presented at this meeting.

Minister Jusko especially noted great cooperation with entity, cantonal and local levels of authorities, as well as public enterprises that are responsible for the construction of the infrastructure.

“Deputy Director of the Directorate for Highways of the Republic of Turkey repeatedly noted that he cannot wait to start with some concrete works. Of course, the concrete works are conditioned by project documentation, but I believe that we will receive feedback from Turkey very soon. The work on this project is so much more than just a project, it also means changing the history of BiH to the better,” stated Minister Jusko.

The delegation from Turkey spent two days visiting the north and east of BiH, after which they expressed their satisfaction with all the meetings and full cooperation with all levels of authorities in BiH.

Deputy Director Tutas stated that this visit of the terrain was very useful for the implementation of this project.

“The visit to the terrain is very important, and it showed that the theoretical data is in compliance with the ones from the field, which will make the preparation of the report for the preparation of the project a lot easier,” noted Deputy Director Tutaş.




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