Conference “Without Borders” in Sarajevo: How to Get Rid of Prejudices

sarajevo-starigrad-4The Cultural Center Haus Steinstrasse from Leipzig held a conference today called ‘Without Borders’’, whose goal is to show the value of life without prejudice to children and youth through educational workshops and cultural activities.

According to the Center, this project is to support talented young people who want to fulfill their goals and to function without any limitations and prejudices.

Ulrike Bernard, on behalf of the Center, said that such projects are of huge importance for cities such as Sarajevo because ‘this city has to become a place for peace, reconciliation and understanding between people’’.

“Sarajevo is a place for important historical events, and this city has to become a place where people from all countries, nations and ethnic groups can meet if their own country is not suitable for understanding’’, said Bernard.

The Center led activities with children from BiH and through educational workshops pointed to the value of creativity and on the problem that could be created out of prejudices.

“Creativity is the greatest wealth of a society’’, concluded Bernard.

(Source: Dnevni Avaz)

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