Conference ‘Babies Love the Library’ Tomorrow at American Corner

bebe_17The public institution of the library of Sarajevo will organize tomorrow at the American Corner a gathering called ‘Babies love the library’’.

This institution said that libraries in the USA offer special programs for babies younger than 2 years old, and the goal is to raise a child to be a reader and to start to develop literary skills early.

“Numerous studies have shown that children who are told stories and read to at an early age develop faster, they are interested in their surroundings, they learn fast, and are more comfortable in communicating with others, develop better reading skills, and are better prepared for independent thinking’’, said in the statement.

Therefore, reading to a child should become a part of everyday life of parents and children.

Admission is open to babies up until 2 years of age.

(Source: Fena)

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