What was concluded at the Meeting Dodik-Covic?

covic-dodikBiH has serious issues when it comes to the functioning of institutions at the state level, the credibility of these institutions is collapsed, and the Reform Agenda is jeopardized, thus serious efforts must be made in order to fulfill obligations from the agenda on time. These are only some of the conclusions made at the meeting that was held between the President of the RS Milorad Dodik and the Croatian member of the Presidency of BiH, Dragan Covic.

“Our cooperation regarding these issues is determined by the cooperation of our two political parties and we harmonized our positions on some issues in order to ensure successful functioning of the institutions at the level of BiH. However, it seems that appeals will not help and the functioning will be stopped due to the governing structure at the level of BiH that did not show compactness,” stated Dodik.

”When it comes to the Questionnaire of the EC, we should activate coordination mechanism and establish bodies of that mechanism as well as to make sure that these bodies adopt rules of procedure in order to know how decisions are made in that coordination mechanism. Only then the RS can send its answers to the coordination mechanism and not in the Directorate for European Integration, since it proved to be a body that does not represent the interests of the RS,” added the President of the RS.

“I cannot see a reason why this mechanism has not started functioning yet because most of the questions are completed and we are committed to get the candidate status through fast-track communication with Brussels as soon as possible, but it is the fact that we must have instrumentation without any exceptions,” stated Dragan Covic.

He also informed Dodik on the topic of the functioning of the government at the level of BiH and what challenges are they facing with and he presented facts regarding the situation in the FBiH, including the fact that there is no parliamentary majority and that they will have to do something about it in the upcoming period. They also noted that they want to have clean relations between the two peoples as well as the two parties that they represent.

(Source: M. T./Klix.ba)

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