Concessionaires brought 44 million BAM to the Budget of the RS

June 8, 2017 8:30 AM


The influx of money in the budget of the RS by concession fees was increased on 44.38 million BAM in comparison to last year, which represents an increase by 15.09 million BAM compared to the amount from the year before.

Based on the work of the Commission for concessions of the RS, a total of 18 contracts were signed in the year of 2016 and a year earlier, 11 concession-awarding contracts in various fields were concluded.

„The main reason for the increase in revenue from concession fees is a higher number of concluded contracts. The increase in the amount of money collected from concession fees was also a result of the payment of a larger number of one-time concession fees that concessionaires paid at the conclusion of the contract, “ as stated in the report of the Commission for concessions.

A higher amount of money also came from the big energy facilities such as power plant Stanari and HPP on Drina River and HPP on Vrbas River, which paid considerable amounts of compensation fees for the production of electricity.

Most of the money was collected on the basis of compensations that concessionaires pay for the exploitation of mineral resources, which amounted to 25.94 million BAM, and the smallest amount was collected in the field of tourism, and it amounted to only 16,000 BAM. In the field of agricultural land, the amount of money collected from concession fees were increased by 186,966 BAM per year, and in the Commission for the concession noted that the increased control and activities related to the use of concessional resources largely contributed to it.



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