Concert of Edin Karamazov at Tomorrow’s Baščaršija Nights

edin karamazovAs part of the festival of Baščaršija night’s, on 5 July at the Bosniak Institute there will be a presentation of the book ‘Bosniaks and WWII”.

This is a collection of papers that is the result of an international scientific meeting on the same topic, held in Sarajevo under the sponsorship of member of the BiH Presidency Bakir Izetbegović.

The collection includes 11 scientific papers in the Bosnian language, and abstracts in English.

On the same day on 5 July at the Bosniak Institute, there will be a solo concert by classical guitarist Edin Karamazov.

The price of a ticket is 10 and 20 KM.

(Source: Fena)

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