Company from Switzerland to move Part of its Production to BiH?

The Swiss company Urben + Kyburz AG, which has more than 150 employees, decided to move part of its production to Brcko.

The company is engaged in the field of metal processing on the most modern CNC machines with the aim of creating components for mobile hydraulics.

Its clients are the most famous companies in the world that are dealing with the production of machines in the field of auto industry, aero industry, construction, electric machines etc.

Due to the increased number of orders and new contracts, the management of this company decided to open new production plants in Brcko.

According to the owner of this company, Rolf Urben, their plan is that the company from Switzerland transfers a number of machines in Brcko, with the aim to train new workers.

With the adoption of new knowledge and skills and achievement of the quality of final products, the total number of workers should be increased in the future period. When it comes to workers, the focus will be on CNC machines and mechanical technicians.


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