Commercial Tests for Coronavirus in Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina are officially cheaper


As it was announced on Thursday, the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina (FBiH) will lower the price of commercial testing for coronavirus as well, so from today (August 15, 2020) the tests will cost 140 BAM, news portal reports.

FBiH Minister of Health, Vjekoslav Mandic on Thursday asked the Health Insurance Fund to revise the prices of PCR tests for commercial purposes.

This demand of the entity minister was officially adopted yesterday, so lowering of prices starts, considering that the test price so far amounted from 200 to 215 BAM.

The Board of Directors of the Health Insurance and Reinsurance Institute of the FBiH made a decision yesterday to change the price of commercial testing.

The price of testing for coronavirus by PCR method from now on will cost 140 BAM.

When it comes to Republika Srpska, as of Thursday, the prices of commercial tests were 150 BAM.

Citizens of BiH can be tested in several public and private institutions, but only a negative PCR test from one of the laboratories authorized for these tests is recognized when crossing the border.

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