Close to signing for a new Club: Ibrahimovic leaves Manchester United

The Manchester United striker, Zlatan Ibrahimovic, is close to leaving Old Trafford after the Jose Mourinha’s team brought Alexis Sanchez.

According to reports from the British and American media, the legend of Swedish football will continue his football career in the United States, more specifically in the Los Angeles (LA) Galaxy.

The ESPN has announced that negotiations are close to realization, but that nothing has been officially signed.

The MLS club also wanted to bring 36-year-old striker last year, but after serious knee injury, he decided to stay in the United.

However, with the arrival of Sanchez, it became clear that Ibrahimovic would have a smaller amount of minutes, and it is clear he thinks about that.

The Ibrahimovic’s salary in the LA Galaxy will be funded by the sponsors of the club, and it will certainly not be low.



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