Clark: Harmonize Coordination Mechanisms for Faster Path Towards the EU

HelenClarkThe Head of the UN Development Program Helen Clark expressed hope that leaders in BiH would agree on a coordination mechanism, which would accelerate the path of BIH to the EU.

“UNPD is ready to lend technical support to BiH so that the country would succeed in this’’, she said.

After a discussion in Banja Luka with the President of the RS Milorad Dodik, she recalled that, when it comes to the country’s accession to the EU, there are transparent various changes in the countries of the former Yugoslavia and the former Soviet Union, and that many of them received help to integrate to the EU.

“Many of those countries were successful in that, and the last example is Croatia, which entered the EU’’, said Clark. She added that Montenegro is now on the way to the EU, and in January next year, when negotiations start, they will work with Serbia.

She recalled that UNDP’s extensive activities in BiH are continuing to help in various areas, from rural development, to energy and the protection of the environment and social cohesion.

The entity President said that the RS wishes for BiH to enter the EU, taking into account its constitutional order and the establishment of coordination mechanism as a condition for the European path.

“The deadlock for BiH’s path to the EU could only damage BIH and the entities’’, said Dodik at a press conference.

He said that representatives of the RS would continue to work with UNDP and with other international organizations that deal with important issues for BIH.

After the discussion with the Head of the UN Development Program Helen Clark, Dodik said that the RS institutions are devoted to the implementation of UNDP programs in BIH, and reforms that are necessary for the European path of BIH.

He expressed hope that in the next period cooperation with UNPD would successfully continue.

(Source: Fena)


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