Citizens of Zenica renovating Park dedicated to Kulin-ban

The Forum of Citizens of Zenica started with the arrangement of the park next to the Bilino Polje Stadium, which they visit twice a year, on the occasion of marking significant dates of signing the Declaration of Bilino Polje and the Charter of Kulin Ban.

Mirsad Mujkic, a member of the Presidency of the Forum of Citizens of Zenica, explained that the park is located next to the Bilino Polje Stadium and that the park should be named after Kulin ban.

“Thousands of tourists visit Zenica and Bilino Polje Stadium, and they pass by this park and memorial, but they do not know what it represents and what does it actually mean since the park has no official name, although we have been asking for it from the authorities for years. It would be nice if tourists visit the park when they come to the stadium, which would be arranged and named after Kulin Ban,” said Mujkic.

“The Zenica-Doboj Canton is marking the Day of the Canton on August 29, and they will mark this important date in cooperation with other public institutions and the City Administration. We decided to arrange park this year, where BH citizens are trying to keep this date alive and transfer it to other, younger generations,” noted Mujkic.

They already cut the grass and shrubs in the park, and the Forum of Citizens of Zenica will clean the entire park before August 29, rearrange the trail that already existed, and they are planning to install benches and lighting as well.

Marking of August 29, the Day of the Charter of Kulin Ban, will include rich educational and music content for all visitors, and numerous public institutions, the Music School in Zenica, the Museum of the City of Zenica and other cultural institutions will provide their support.

(Source: E. M./Klix.ba)






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