Where do Citizens of BIH travel the most?

b_161117061The number of travellers around the world increases in the winter period because that is the time of holidays, vacations and alpine activities. BiH citizens also travel more frequently in this period, but what is new for the area is that citizens of BiH travel a lot even out of the holiday season,

According to Muamer Lutvić from Centrotours, prices are favorable and that attracts people. Especially attractive are First Minute offers.

“Unlike previous years, citizens of BiH now travel during the entire year, whereas before they used to travel only on special occasions such as Women’s Day or Labor Day. The number of travels increased since the introduction of visa-free regime, and especially over the past several years,” said Lutvić.

During the winter, citizens travel the most to Austria, Slovenia, German and France, and they are especially interested in destinations like Dubai, Vienna, Prague, Milan and Venice.

“We already have a lot of reservations for Prague, Budapest, Istanbul, Barcelona, Rome, Cote d’Azur and Athens,” said Lutvić.

Tourist agencies Sol Azur and Buena Vista stated that they have 30 percent more passengers this year than in the same period last year.

“Vienna, Venice and Tuscany are hit destinations, and there is also great interest in Sicily,” said Dino Imamović from this agency.

All three agencies stated that interest for Istanbul has increased after the terrorist attacks and an attempt of coup, and that they have regular arrangements for this city.

“Interest grows and situation is much better, but it will take time for things to reach the former level. There is also less interest in Paris and Brussels,” said Lutvić.

Interest for Turkey is also increased thanks to favorable prices.


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