CIK announces Parties that will enter the Federal Parliament

All regular polling stations for Federal Parliament have been analyzed, and for this level, there were 92.13 percent of valid ballots. A total of 28 political entities with 1.292 candidates had an opportunity to be chosen.

According to the data of the Central Election Commission (CIK), the Party of Democratic Action (SDA) won 25.42 percent of the votes.

SDP – Social Democratic Party with 14.72 percent, HDZ BIH, HSS, HKDU BIH, HSP-HNS, HSP DR BIH, HDU BIH, HSS SR (13.57 percent) and DF-GS, Zeljko Komsic: BiH wins! with 9.42 percent.

SBB-Fahrudin Radoncic won 7.18 percent, Nasa Stranka 5.13 percent, Democratic Action Movement (PDA) 3.85 percent, and Independence Block 3.53 percent.

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