Chinese TENGDA Group Wants to Build a Clothing Factory in FB&H

fabrikaodjeceGovernment of FB&H analyzed the letter of intent on business cooperation between Chinese TENGA Group and Federation. The cooperation shall be based on the document “Strategy of textile industry development, leather and footwear industry in FB&H for the period 2013-2023”.

In order to fulfill the requirements of the B&H market for textiles, TENGA Group has proposed the establishment of trade relations with B&H through importing these products from China in the first phase of cooperation. This group is also ready to invest in building a factory to produce professional clothes with the preliminary investment of around one million euros and hiring of 200 to 300 workers.

The government supported the activities of the Ministry of Energy, Mining and Industry of the FB&H and Federal Chamber of Commerce to establish business cooperation with the Chinese group and to encourage them to continue with these activities.

The representatives of the Ministry of Energy, Mining and Industry of FB&H and the Federal Chamber of Commerce visited in June of this year the company in Yingkou in Liaoning province of China, which is engaged in the production of above mentioned products.


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