China wants well-being for BiH and other Members of the Program 16 + 1

chinaA conference of Secretariat for Cooperation of China-CEEC and the Department for International Economic Affairs of the Foreign Ministry of China was held in Beijing on Tuesday, which was attended by representatives of the media from the program 16 + 1 for countries from Central and Eastern Europe.

The main goal of this conference was to inform the media about the success that has been realized with the implementation of the initiative 16 + 1, where China achieved outstanding results in the fields of economy, culture, agriculture and other sectors, thanks to good relations with the countries of Central and Eastern Europe.

The official host of the meeting Lu Shan said that the main goal of China is to make the future of humanity in peace, which China prefers.

“The initiative that we started gave excellent results, and it was based on the assistance to countries in correcting their disadvantages through joint work and linking strategies for better progress of Eurasia, and the whole world,” said Lu Shan.

He noted that China has four guidelines: peace based on cultural heritage due to the painful past, development in China, as well as other countries with which it has established the necessary cooperation with openness towards the global economy.

The third and fourth guideline of China are cooperation and benefit that should be in the center of everything. Officials presented the details of the business operations in China in the past few years as part of the project “16 + 1”, where income, as well as a long-term cooperation between the People’s Republic of China and the countries of Central and Eastern Europe, was achieved in all fields.

The officials added that the program “16 + 1″ is open to countries outside the Central and Eastern Europe as well, but only those that want to follow the already mentioned guidelines. Officials also mentioned some of the megaprojects and their implementation, and when it comes to BiH, they noted the construction of Block 7 TE Tuzla worth 722 million BAM, where 85 % of the funding was secured through the loan by Chinese Development Bank.

After the presentation of the project”16 + 1”, which brought a lot of good stuff to countries in the region, as well as other countries in Central and Eastern Europe, followed a reception with the Executive Secretary of the Secretariat for China-CEEC cooperation and the Director General of the Department for European Affairs in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of China Chen Xu, who noted guidelines of China in the project “16 + 1” once again.

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