Children Residents of ‘’Pazaric’’ Home exposed to terrible Treatment!


At yesterday’s press conference at the House of Representatives of the Parliament of Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina (PFBiH), Our Party (Nasa Stranka) MP Sabina Cudic showed shocking details about the treatment of residents, mostly children, in a home for the care of mentally disabled children and youth ‘’Pazaric.’’

The photos she has provided to the media clearly show children being tied to furniture and radiators. Some have hands tied behind their backs, and many of them spend most of the day and all night in such a position, so it is reported that such treatment caused physical injuries and damaged mental health.

‘’After sending a request to the Government and the competent ministry for the urgent dismissal of steering committee (SC) and supervisory board (SB) members who were part of the previous term, and after the Labor and Social Protection Committee of the PFBiH House of Representatives failed to consider the submitted materials due to lack of quorum, I decided that today I introduce Parliament and the public to the evidence of the horrible treatment of home residents. The public may know about some evidence through the FBiH Tax Administration’s official record of misuse of funds for residents, but these photographs further show the extent of the tragedy that these children experience.

It is necessary for the House of Representatives to come out urgently today and ask the competent Ministry to dismiss the members of the SC and SB, who are part of the previous term. The Prosecution must speed up the investigation. Today, I will send the following conclusions to the procedure:

– Urgent stop of abuse of children and all residents of the home;

– Creating a code draft for resident treatment;

– Regular unannounced inspection controls;

– Allocation of emergency intervention funds for temporary employment of caregivers until new legal resolutions are drafted;

– The Ministry of Labor and Social Policy, in cooperation with the Ministry of Health, should appoint a medical team to review the diagnoses and start regular doctoral examinations.


I request that the competent ministry submit a detailed report on the implemented measures after 90 days from the adopted conclusions,‘’ said Cudic in her yesterday’s speech.


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