Children in BiH draw Pictures to express their desire for World Peace

On 7thand 15th June, 2019 there was the special event “IWPG International Loving Peace Art Competition”  in the elementary school “Osnovna škola Hasan Kikic”in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The students who participated in the IWPG peace art competition did their best to draw pictures to express their desire for world peace.

They made pictures to express ‘What is world peace’ and ‘How to make world peace’. Some of the students draw the Korean Flag in their paintings.

Indeed, Bosnia and Herzegovina and South Korea are far from each other in terms of location, ethnicity, language and culture. But these nations have one thing in common, the sad history of war.

Through suffering the experience of war, these nations know the importance of making a world of peace and spreading the culture of peace.

This is the reason that the elementary school ‘Hasan Kikic’ participated in this event.

IWPG is an international peace NGO that is ECOSOC accredited and registered with the Ministry of Gender Equality and Family in South Korea. IWPG has its HQ in South Korea and has 100 branches worldwide and 230 cooperating organizations. Efforts are being made to unite the 3.7 billion women in the world for peace. Their main initiatives are (1) supporting the international peace law to be enacted, (2) enlightening the consciousness of women around the world through women’s peace education, and (3) carrying out peace initiatives relevant to each nation.

This event in Bosnia was a collaboration with IWPG DJ BRANCH.

The director of IWPG DJ, MS. Baek Lee Jo: “We will try to do effort continuously for spreading peace culture in Bosnia and I am very (honored to be a part) of this special event.”

IWPG International Loving Peace Art Competition began in 2018. This year is the second time the event was held, and it will be held all over the World. We anticipate seeing continuous activities for accomplishing world peace.

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