Changes in the Construction of the Sub-section: Tunnel Pecuj will be 1 kilometer long

corridor VcOn the subsection of Corridor 5C Klopce – Donja Gracanica, which is the largest construction site on the motorway, works on the construction of tunnels and viaducts are currently taking place, as well as the route that will represent Zenica bypass.

The value of construction works of the motorway section Drivusa – Klopce is 33.5 million EUR, while for Klopce – tunnel Pecuj (Donja Gracanica) it amounts to 107.8 million EUR. According to the head of the construction of the tunnel Pecuj Drago Franc, although the originally planned length of the tunnel was 870 meters, due to problems with the terrain, it will be to around one kilometer.

Difficulties in the construction of tunnel Pecuj are complex morphology and geology because almost on the entire section are visible landslides, as well as the position of the tunnel itself since the excavations are done downwards, which causes the accumulation of groundwater that is later removed with pumps.

Technical Director of Euroasfalt Enver Ajanovic noted that the project of the construction of the route was signed last year and the completion of works is expected in November next year.

“The route consists of 3 kilometers of road, two viaducts in the length of 350 and 180 meters, the bridge over Bosna River in the length of 200 meters and two tunnels, which are 1 kilometer and 500 meters long. This is a very demanding section, especially in the part where we have problems with a landslide. However, the process of finding a solution for these sections is almost done, we have experienced employees and everything will be done in time,” said Ajanovic.

On the construction of these sections was hired almost 700 workers, and the construction is going as planned regardless of weather conditions. The company Euroasfalt organized a visit of students from Mostar to the largest construction site on the section of Corridor 5C, where they had the opportunity to learn more about the theoretical part of classes.

Director of the PE Highways of the FBiH Adnan Terzic mentioned in his previous statements to the media that the construction plan envisaged six major construction sites on Corridor 5C during the year of 2017, and the total investment will be more than 2 billion BAM.

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