Chairman of Council of Ministers of Bosnia-Herzegovina stressed the Need for more efficient work of Border Police

February 12, 2020 7:00 PM


Chairman of Council of Ministers of Bosnia-Herzegovina Zoran Tegeltija stressed the need for more efficient work of country’s border police, in terms of the flow of people and goods, and to secure the so-called green border against illegal migrants.

Due to an inadequate earlier reaction, there are more migrants in Bosnia-Herzegovina today than in Serbia, which is two to three times bigger than BiH.

Tegeltija stated that migrant crisis is a security and then a humanitarian issue. This is not only a problem of the BiH’s Border Police, but of all security agencies, with the necessary coordination, and that he expects greater support from the international community in this regard.

It is necessary, he added, to reduce waiting at the border and to provide more technical equipment and staffing of the BiH Border Police, with the support of the Council of Ministers, Federal News Agency reports.


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