Chairman of Council of Ministers comments on Border Opening

At the session of the Council of Ministers of Bosnia and Herzegovina on September 2, there will be the issue of opening the borders of BiH for foreign citizens, but the decision will be made exclusively based on the attitude of health workers, confirmed to Srna news agency by the Chairman of the Council of Ministers Zoran Tegeltija.

“Our plans to discuss this came with the conclusion of the Presidency of BiH, which focused on a specific number of countries that they believe are necessary to open the borders of BiH,” Tegeltija said.

According to him, that decision will depend exclusively on the position of the health profession in BiH, and not on the Presidency or the Council of Ministers.

“In agreement with health workers in BiH, we will assess which countries we can open borders for and whether we can do that at all. If they estimate that we can open borders for all countries in the world, we will do it,” Tegeltija said.

Tegeltija stated that, if the profession estimates that there are a smaller number of countries for whose citizens borders can be opened, the Council of Ministers will behave accordingly.

At yesterday’s session, the Presidency of BiH adopted a conclusion instructing the Council of Ministers to give consent for the entry of citizens of the USA, Russia, China and Turkey into BiH during the coronavirus pandemic.

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