Chairman of CoM: Of 160 Terrorist Attacks in Europe, none were related to BiH

Chairman of the Council of Ministers of BiH, Denis Zvizdic, stated that meetings held in London, Brussels and Sofia in the past ten days had important impacts on BiH when it comes to politics and economy.

Numerous topics including strengthening of economic development, regional cooperation and stability and security in the Western Balkan were discussed at these meetings.

Zvizdic stated that the Agreement on Tourism was signed with China, which is the reason why around 50,000 tourists from this country are expected to visit BiH this year because “Path of Valter ” represents the most attractive tourist attraction for Chinese people who are coming to BiH.

Chairman of the Council of Ministers of BiH, Denis Zvizdic, also took part at the Western Balkans Summit (WB6 + EU8) in London, which was held as part of the Berlin Process. The European Commission approved three projects for BiH, whose value amounted to a total of 275 million EUR.

Four declarations were signed in London, i.e. declaration on war crimes, missing persons, regional relations, and the statement on the fights against corruption.

“Summit in London was a great opportunity to discuss security in the region,” stated Zvizdic, and added:””There was not a single one departure to foreign battlefields over the last 28 months, and out of 160 terrorist attacks that took place in Europe in the last two and a half year, none of them was related to BiH in any way”.

The issue of increased number of migrants was one of the topics in London as well, and Chairman Zvizdic noted that BiH wants to be part of a unique European solution. He also announced that BiH will not set up walls with its neighbours but we will remain humane and respect international standards and legislations.

He also mentioned the third meeting of the Stabilization and Association Council that took place last week in Brussels when the need to answer the follow-up questions from the Questionnaire was retreated once again. He also noted the fact that BiH will complete the adoption of four important strategies soon, and those are strategies for the energy sector, transport, rural development and environmental protection.

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