Chairman of BIH Presidency Received Accredited Letter of Italian Ambassador

corriasThe Chairman of the BIH Presidency Željko Komšić received the Letters of Credence of Ruggero Corrias, the newly-appointed Ambassador of Italy to BIH.

Chairman Komšić thanked Italy for its support to BIH in the process of Euro Atlantic integration with the hope that the support would continue in the future. He expressed the importance of a more significant engagement of Italy in the process of the European integration of BIH, and said that joint efforts could make a significant change for BIH’s path to the EU. Komšić said that BIH citizens see Italy as a neighboring country and that there is space for upgrading and improving cooperation on a number of areas, especially the economy.

Ambassador Corrias said that BIH and Italy have good bilateral relations, and stressed that one of the priorities in his mandate would be to strengthen economic cooperation to the benefit of both countries. He confirmed the interest of Italy to help our country on its path to the EU and said that the role of Italy in this process would considerably strengthen after it takes over the Presidency of the EU from July to December 2014.

At the end of the meeting Chairman Komšić voiced support and wished the Ambassador success in carrying out his mission in BIH, announced the BIH Presidency.

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