Centrotrans Announced New Investments and Reduce in the Price of Bus Tickets

centrotransCentrotrans Eurolines confirmed its leading position in 2014 in the field of transport and tourism. Last year, gross fixed capital formation amounted to 5.355.107 BAM, from which, 4.563.115 BAM were invested in the purchase of 28 buses, emphasized Safudin Cengic, managing director of Centrotrans Eurolines at the annual press conference in Sarajevo.

A company that follows trends

Financial year of this company, according to the words of the first men, is marked by the reduction of bus tickets in urban- suburban traffic, opening stores in BiH and organization of student trips to Paris, Istanbul, Barcelona and within BiH for more than 500 students.

Commenting on the positive impact on the company’ s business, Cengic emphasized qualification of Football Federation of BiH, reducing prices of oil products and a qualitative fleet.

“Centrotrans is a company that follows and applys technological achievements in order to improve services. We are the first in BiH with the free wireless internet in buses and an online sale of bus tickets. In addition, new website of the company is made, as well as  video surveillance in busses was introduced“ said Cengic.

He explained that the business results of the Centrotrans company are better in 2014 compared to 2013.

“Income is increased by 7%, number of kilometers by 19%, number of passengers by 48%, while the realization in traffic is increased by 20%. Number of employees is increased by 28%, number of buses by 28, while the personal income gross and net is increased by 3%“, said Cengic.

(Source: photo oslobodjenje)

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