Central Election Commission orders Counting of Ballots at Four Polling Stations

The Central Election Commission (CEC) ordered the counting of ballots from individual polling stations from the constituencies of Novi Grad, Derventa, Gacko and Sekovici.

“In some polling stations, all votes are counted, and in some they are counted by candidates within the list of individual political entities for a certain government body. In constituency 007B – Novi Grad (Republika Srpska), ballots with 34 regular polling stations will be counted for mayor.” , the CEC announced.

The order (upon request or ex officio) ordering the Main Counting Center to count these ballots was issued by the CEC BiH on Tuesday night at an emergency session, in continuation of the consideration of the request for recounting of ballots.

The new recounts started today at around 9:00 AM in the Main Counting Center in the “Zetra” hall in Sarajevo, and in accordance with the dynamics of counting the ballots from the previous orders, it is added in the announcement.

The order will be published on the BiH CEC website and will be deemed to have been delivered to all participants in the election process. In accordance with the BiH Election Law, candidates of political parties, coalitions, lists of independent candidates and independent candidates and candidates from the list of persons belonging to national minorities appearing on the recount ballot, as well as other accredited observers, may be present during the counting.

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