Caution: Wet Roads and Threat of Landslides in B&H

wet roadsMostly wet roads and the increased threat of landslides characterized the traffic situation in B&H yesterday. Due to the rain, the volume of works no most of roads has been reduced, and the temporary traffic signalization, whose compliance is mandatory was set at the sections with the actual changes in the traffic regime, as announced from BIHAMK.

Due to the maintaining of the European Rafting Championship “Banja Luka-Vrbas 2015“, the traffic will be stopped at the road M-16 Banja Luka-Crna Rijeka at the locality “Tijesno“ today from 3.00 p.m. to 10.30 p.m. (except for emergency cars and buses on the regular lines of the public suburban transport).

At the BC Bosanska Gradiska, at the entrance to our country, waitings are about 1.5 hour, and at the exit around half an hour. At the BC Doljani, retentions while crossing the border in both directions are around half an hour. The same waiting are at the BC Bosanski Brod at the entrance to our country. At other border crossings, retentions are no longer than 15 minutes.

(Source: nap.ba

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