Cars with Bosnia and Herzegovina’s License Plates are allowed to enter Kosovo


Vehicles with Bosnia and Herzegovina’s license plates are allowed to enter Kosovo and there is no reciprocity in that direction between Kosovo and BiH, Kosovo Foreign Minister Bashmir Xhemaj’s adviser said on Sunday. Due to the new measures of the Kosovo government, several vehicles from BiH were returned from the Merdar border crossing yesterday, RTV Kosovo reported.

Xhemaj expressed regret over yesterday’s problems and announced that there would be no more obstacles for the movement of vehicles with Bosnian plates. He reminded that there is a visa regime between BiH and Kosovo, and that passengers entering Kosovo must secure visas.

On Saturday, the Kosovo government made a decision that vehicles with Serbian goods cannot enter Kosovo without a special permit, and that it is obligatory to write “Republic of Kosovo” on the import documents.  Over the weekend, several trucks from Serbia were returned from the border for non-compliance with these measures.

“The new measure is part of our intention to establish full reciprocity towards Serbia. Based on the first decision, it was determined that an assessment of the first measures will be made, and based on that assessment, new measures will be adopted. That is exactly what happened yesterday,” N1 reports the statement of the spokesman of the Kosovo government, Perparim Kruezi.



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