Cantons and Cities in Bosnia and Herzegovina could be closed?


Chief of the Federal Civil Protection Service Crisis Staff Fahrudin Solak stated that cantons, cities or settlements could be closed if a rapid increase of COVID-19 patients occurs, Fena news agency reports.

“There is a possibility to stop the movement of citizens between populated areas,” Solak said at a press conference held on Tuesday.

Asked by reporters how many persons are currently quarantined at the border of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Solak said that the Armed Forces of BiH put tents at the border and that this was implemented by the BiH Council of Ministers.

If a Bosnian citizen dies abroad, Solak said they are discussing intensively the possibility of funeral societies from other countries entering BiH, and that these are unusual situations.

“The initiative to close the Sarajevo International Airport will be discussed today, there have been some flights because our airport in Sarajevo is the only one opened in the region, so we are becoming a transit route to Serbia and Montenegro, but cargo flights will continue to operate,” said Solak.


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