Canton Sarajevo in June Visited by Tourists from 101 Countries

turisti u bih (sarajevo)‘’Tourist season in Canton Sarajevo develops with an extremely satisfactory way, the city is full of tourists, and the expected drop of tourists in July did not happen ‘’, data that a spokesperson for the Tourist Board of the Sarajevo Canton Asja HadžiefendićMešić said to Fena.

In June in Sarajevo were about 32.000 tourists and a total of 58,924 nights spent.

The number of tourists in June this year increased with 9.8 percent compared to June 2012, while the number of overnight stays increased by 6.9 percent.
Most tourists were from Turkey, Croatia, Slovenia, South Korea, Serbia, USA, Austria, Germany, France and Kuwait.

Tourists have been staying with an average of 1.8 nights and the longest have been staying tourists from Qatar with an achieved of a 6.9 overnight, followed by tourists from Kuwait with 5.1 nights, from Saudi Arabia with 3.6 nights, Russia with 3.4 nights and from Latvia with 3.1 nights and the United States with three night.

Canton Sarajevo in June was visited by tourists from 101 countries of the world.
The total accommodation in June stood at 57.5 percent in terms of room accommodation and 26.8 percent in terms of bed accommodation.The highest percentage took the accommodation facilities in the municipality of Ilidža.

The highest interest from the tourists was shown for the city center, Baščarsija, religious buildings in the city center and the museums.

There expressed great interest in the Sarajevo Tunnel of Hope, Spring Bosnia, Skakavac, Olympic Mountain and Bijambare.

HadžiefendićMešić said that tourists usually after a stay in the mountains extend their stay tour to Lukomir.

(Source: klix.ba)

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