Canton Sarajevo gets new Vaccination Points

The vaccination process in Canton Sarajevo (CS) will be decentralized in the following period. Authorities are announcing the closure of the Zetra hall, and citizens will be vaccinated in Health Centers. The vaccination process is still not going as desired, and the citizens of this canton currently have access to AstraZeneca and Sinopharm, while Pfizer vaccines should arrive soon.

Although points have been opened in some of the Health Centers, due to a large number of revaccinations, in order to avoid crowds, the Zetra sports hall will be used for immunization purposes for some time. Astra Zeneca and Sinopharm vaccines are currently available, and 2.000 doses of Pfizer are expected from today, BHRT writes.

”Imagine for a day when you have about 2600 and more revaccination so it would be scandalous to work at the Public Institution Health Centre (PIHC) of CS (PIHC) checkpoints. So Zetra will work until that mass revaccination is over. We will slowly introduce it, as you know, this morning it is Novi Grad, in the next period it will be Novo Sarajevo and Stari Grad, ” toldyesterday the chief technician of PIHC of CS, Ademir Spahic.

The Novi Grad Health Center confirms that the vaccination started at 8 a.m. and lasts until 8 p.m. By 2 p.m., 50 citizens were vaccinated. They added that there are enough vaccines for now.

“Our service is in Ilidza, it’s not far if we have a lack of vaccines. For now, we have provided ourselves with a sufficient number of vaccines. We have AstraZeneca and Sinopharm and I have noticed since this morning that a large number of citizens have been asking for Sinopharm vaccine. We are also doing revaccination of patients who received the first dose in their Centers, ” pointed out yesterday the director of the HealthCenter “Novi Grad, ” Merima Pasic.

The relevant ministry also confirmed that the opening of all planned checkpoints is expected soon. Speaking about the first opened checkpoints in Ilijas, Hadzici, and Vogosca, where an insufficient number of vaccines were recorded in the first days, they assure that this issue has been eliminated.

“A sufficient number of vaccines was sent as much as the number of vaccines required by the Health Center, so it was resolved without any problems, and in the following period the vaccines will be delivered in the same way according to all obligatory storage for a certain vaccine,” said CS Ministry of Health spokeswoman, Mirna Pecikoza.

Citizens were divided on the opening of new vaccination points.

Medical workers urge everyone to respect epidemiological measures. Those who have not yet been vaccinated are invited to do so, for themselves and for the sake of others. There is enough vaccine, there are no crowds due to the good organization. So, you choose a vaccine, receive it, and get a certificate.


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