Canadian City of Hamilton supports International White Armband Day

The Canadian city of Hamilton recalled on the genocide in Prijedor on May 31stby writing on the electronic panel in front of the Assembly of this city, “Hamilton supports the International Day of White Bands”.

The Institute says the citizens of Hamilton and Canada become aware of the “scale of genocide in Prijedor and the entire territory of BiH”.

“White strips are one of the evidence of the genocide being committed in Prijedor, because the group was marked in a visible and clear way to eradicate and expell from that territory.”

Twenty-seven years ago, the Serbian authorities in Prijedor ordered the homes of Bosniaks and Croats in Prijedor to mark their homes with white sheets and to wear white ribbons on their sleeves in public places. It was followed by extermination, murder and persecution.

“In our city, 27 years ago, a total of 102 children were killed. They were killed because their existence stood in the way of the ideology of separation of peoples and ethnically pure country where there was no place for those who were not Serbs,” stated activists of the Initiative “Jer me se tice (Because I care)” from Prijedor.


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