Can Srebrenica be separated from the Legal and Constitutional System of the RS?

durakovicPresident of Republika Srpska Milorad Dodik visited Srebrenica on the occasion of the upcoming local elections and the announced referendum, and he one again denied the genocide that happened in that town in 1995.

Mayor of Srebrenica Municipality Ćamil Duraković condemned the statements by the President of RS Milorad Dodik during the visit to Srebrenica and his denial of the genocide in that town, stating that the “denial of genocide is a policy of SNSD”.

Commenting on Dodik’s sudden visit to Srebrenica on the occasion of “preparations for local elections and promotion of candidates of the coalition ‘Together for Srebrenica’”, Duraković expressed regret that there is no institutional cooperation and that he was not contacted by the Cabinet of the President of the RS.

Duraković said he has his own program of work and that he wants to continue working in the interest of all citizens of the Srebrenica Municipality.

Commenting on Dodik’s statement that the idea of a referendum on the separation of that municipality from the legal and constitutional system of RS is unfeasible because it totally opposes the Dayton constitution, Duraković said that the President of RS is uninformed.

“He did not read the Statute of the Municipality and the Law on Local Self-Government, where municipalities have right to referendums regarding the issues of local communities,” Duraković said.

Vice-President of the Assembly of Srebrenica Municipality and President of the Municipal Board of SDA Srebrenica Hamdija Fejzić also strongly condemned the statements by the President of RS Milorad Dodik during the visit to Srebrenica and believes that it was an opportunity to collect cheap political points prior to the local elections.

Fejzić believes that the time has come for Dodik to accept the fact that BiH is a united and whole country and that RS is just one of its entities, and stated that SDA will never accept any compromise regarding the facts about genocide that have been proven on the court.

(Source: radiosarajevo.ba)

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