What can save BH Economy?

January 16, 2018 9:30 AM

Next week, the Parliament of BiH will decide on the “Strategic Plan of Rural Development of BiH – Framework Document”. This represents a long-term strategy for the development of agriculture, for whose realization BiH will receive 90 million EUR from the IPA II fund in the next three years. Its preparation included the Ministry of Foreign Trade and Economic Relations of BiH, the ministries of agriculture from both Entities and Brcko District.

“By signing trade agreements with the EU, the CEFTA countries, Russia and Turkey, BiH will almost completely open its market. Considering the fact that investments in the sector of agriculture in all of these countries are ten times larger than ours, our agricultural producers definitely felt the increase of competition,” stated Minister of Agriculture, Water Management and Forestry of FBiH Semsudin Dedic, and added that the main goal of the strategy is to increase the competitiveness of domestic agriculture.

The Strategic Plan of Rural Development includes a detailed analysis of current situation and it proposes ways for modernization of BH agriculture in the situation of increasing competition. Some of the key measures that are foreseen by the strategy include investments in modern stable facilities, warehouses, machines as well as irrigation systems.

According to the Strategy, the support from European funds will be also given to public services, such as laboratories and inspection services, education and specialization of agricultural producers and the development of advisory services. The strengthening of the organization and connection of agricultural producers, customers and processors is planned as well as the introduction of certified international standards of quality and the strengthening of marketing skills, with the aim to increase the interest in BH products and their recognition on the world market.

An important part of the planned investments refers to the improvement of the quality of life in rural areas.

From the Ministry also noted that money was received thanks to the Strategic Plan of Rural Development are only part of the planned investments in the structural reform in the FBiH.

(Source: akta.ba)



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