What can be bought for a Bitcoin in BiH?

The first house that can be purchased for Bitcoin appeared in our neighbouring Croatia, while for this digital currency you can already buy various things in BiH, including cars.

The fact that BH website for trade OLX offers cars that can be purchased for this digital currency on the OLX website proves that Bitcoin has already arrived in BiH.

For example, an ad for Lexus SC 430 has been published 24 days ago, for which the owner from Banja Luka says that it is possible to pay it in Bitcoin. A BMW in Jajce can also be bought for Bitcoin, which is stated in the ad that was published 18 days ago.

Croatian journalists asked a member of the Management Board of the Croatian Business Angels Network (CRANE), Hrvoje Prpic, who said that we should have invested in Bitcoin long time ago.

“It is almost old news, digital currency is out there for a while, and its presence in our market is no longer shy. Considering the fact that the daily turnover of Bitcoin amounts to 4 billion USD, everything should be pretty clear,” said Prpic.


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