A Burek Pie for the Guinness World Record Book in October

A group of enthusiasts, led by Omer Isovic and Faruk Sahovic, will organize a manifestation of making the largest burek ever so that it’ll be in the Guinness World Record Book. They want to promote domestic products, Bosnian and Herzegovinian (BiH) culture, tradition and gastronomic offer.

On that occasion, Bego Gutic, the prime minister of Tuzla Canton, today hosted these two enthusiasts.

“Burek, as the typical BiH product and recognizable part of our gastronomic offer, is an idea opportunity to represent BiH in the world, as well as to turn our domestic public’s attention towards domestic products and domestic producers,” Isovic said.

Prime Minister Gutic expressed satisfaction with the idea and emphasized that it’s completely in line with the strategic orientation of this Government to support domestic production and producers, as well as the consumption of BiH products.

“We have several times stood in defense and protection of domestic producers and their products. We didn’t give up on that, even when we were exposed to various forms of pressure, so we’re very happy that something like will be taking place and this Government will certainly support that,” the prime minister said.

(Source: Klix.ba)

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