Building of the former Railway Station in Bistrik to be renovated soon?

The process of renovation and restoration of the building of the former railway station in the settlement Bistrik in Sarajevo will start soon, and the City of Sarajevo started the initiative to determine the legal status of the building a few months ago, with the aim to get started with works.

The station on Bistrik was built back in 1906, and it is considerably damaged by the time, and only ruins are left from one part of the building. It was declared as the national monument in 2006, and the Mayor of Sarajevo Abdulah Skaka noted that several levels of government will be included in the process of its reconstruction, but also that a good communication was achieved with potential donors and partners.

The building of the railway station on Bistrik was constructed after the Austro-Hungarian authorities connected Sarajevo with Slavonski Brod and Budapest by the railroad back in 1882. The need to connect the eastern parts of BiH with Sarajevo appeared then, and military garrisons were stationed along the border with Serbia.

It became one of the symbols of the city on Miljacka River, and it found a special place on postcards of Sarajevo.

This building was also featured in several films about partisans, and the most famous scene is from the movie Walter Defends Sarajevo, which made it famous.

(Source: A. B./Klix.ba)




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